Software programmer to create web query program

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Job Description

I'd like to be able to type a name into Excel/program and have it pull their contacts off Facebook and LinkedIn, returning only those names that are common to both Facebook and LinkedIn. I'd also like it to list phone#, job title, business address (complete with city, state and zip), and business phone. I've done this manually a few times but it's just too time consuming to keep doing that way. It must be able to query face book follower and linkedin fans and pull data in to the spread sheet

I work as a financial rep and build my business primarily through word of mouth referrals. Since recognition memory is better than recall memory, what I often do when I meet with folks for the first time is take a contact list of people they know. It's easier for them to look at the list and go, "Yeah, you should call so and so" than it is to think of "so and so" right there on the spot. I have been cross-referencing the names manually but can't keep up with the # of clients I see weekly. I really need to automate that process.

Skills: facebook, linkedin