Solar Energy and other renewables and sustainable energy

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Job Description

This Job title is not specific,
due to the fact that we are looking for multiple jobs in this field,

- Existing professionals with experience in existing, completed solar energy projects, as well as other renewable energy sources - for submission of existing reports,
- Same as above, for ongoing consulting projects,
- Junior and Senior researchers for submission of existing reports or ongoing research
- Suppliers, or consultants to clients with known supplier contacts and knowledge

(all of the above encompass business viability, business plans, government compliance, environmental issues, supplier issues)
Detailed, professional information and support will be provided, this is a serious project.

It is very important you state who you are and where you fit in this job,
(e.g. existing research submission or ongoing job)

Feel free to ask specific questions about the project.
If we see a random, off topic general submission about your SEO ability, you will immediately be removed. don't waste your time, please (with all due respect to SEO professionals)

Skills: research, energy-industry-consulting

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