Solar Photovoltaics and Solar Collectors for Domestic hot water Systems

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

This job requires knowledge of Solar PV systems and will require technical writing skills relating to the topic. I would help writing a report that summarizes Solar Photovoltaic systems and Solar Domestic hot water systems used in residential construction. This report should include the following

-Introduction into the topic of Photovoltaics (how they work, characteristics, and BRIEF history)
-Introduction into the topic of solar collectors used in residential hot water systems (how they work, components, characteristic, etc.)
-strategies used in a successful GRID TIE PV system (Advantages such as flexibility, cost, and reliability)
-strategies for a successful solar domestic hot water system and components of SDHW system
-components of a grid tied system (explain inverter,
-different types of PV systems available and regularly used for residential applications (pole mount, roof mount, battery back-up etc.) There is no need to go into much detail on a battery backup system.
-Environmental impact
-Future prospects such as growing market, developments, potential to reduce CO2 emmissions, etc.
-Diagrams of how both systems work with components clearly labeled (should include a figure of a grid tie system without battery backup for PV and also a solar domestic hot water system)
-pictures of actual systems

This report should be at least 15 pages (10 pages on photovoltaics and 5 pages on solar domestic hot water) in length (not including figures and pictures). Ideally I would like general knowledge relating to these systems and figures and diagrams are encouraged but should be referenced. Please reference all cited information. Plagiarism is unacceptable

Skills: writing