Solunar and Tide Forecast Create scripts


Job Description

I want you to develop a simple program (Java Script, PHP & Java) for an existing PHP program (full source code available) to deliver Solunar Data.

I will provide the source code to convert...

The solunar table is for predicting the best fish feeding times for fishermen. I will send you the PHP program that does all of the calculations - all you have to do is display the outputs.

The programs inputs:
- Latitude
- Longitude
- Date
- Time

The outputs all of the required data for the forms (sunrise, moon phase, star rating 1-5, etc) for current, future and previous period on a minute basis.

This will be used in a web app (php...jquery or dojo), android & iphone).

This is an interview project to see if I can find a quality developer who doesn't takes weeks to develop simple code and forms. I have a lot of ongoing work with bonus for the right person.

I would expect the work to only take a few hours and then if good will engage you on going.
I will use this to judge the developers ability/value for money/speed/intelligence.

You will need to specify if the data source for Ocean tides and if a file that needs to be processed in a database and then returned and what method will achieve this. In addition any API or calculations that exist.

Data needs to be returned for a 20 day forecast. In addition I need to review data elements for a prior time to the current day or well into the future.

I need the data for:

Solunar and Tide Data
Sun Position
Moon Position
Moon Phase
Moon Luminescence
Major Fishing Period
Minor Fishing Period
Day Fishing Indicator
Tide Level
Sun Rise
Sun Set
Moon Rise
Moon Set

The next phase will be to develop a php web app and iphone application.

There will be a $25-$100 bonus on successful completion. People responding with the words "I love the ocean" will get an additional $25 bonus if they successfully complete the project.

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