Spanish / English Bilingual Mexican Legal Precedent Research


Job Description

This Job is for someone who writes English but Reads Spanish and Also knows how to Research Mexico's Legal Precedent, Procedure, or Case Law to locate a specific legal issue in support of a legal brief, AMPARO that needs to be filed in the State of Guerrero.

Perfect for an Mexican Legal Aid, Clerk, or Attorney that has a little time on their hands.

The issue is an American while out on bond for a Criminal Case in the State of Guerrero was deported by Mexico Immigration back to United States. Therefore, the American can no longer appear at Court and defend himself and obviously did not lose his rights under the Mexico Constitution, or Due Process Rights, or Human Rights to appear at court, present witnesses, or to be able to defend himself.

Therefore, this job is to find the legal precedent or similar cases where another person was deported while on bond and had their Criminal Charges either Dismissed or Suspended.

It is a plain simple fact that the American Cannot prove he is innocent because another department of the government deported him outside of the Country.

Please only apply if you know how to do legal research in Mexico in Spanish and have experience doing this.

Skills: english, research