Spanish Language Teacher

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for a creatively minded person to create animated lessons (using sounds, pictures, animals, characters) which incorporate Spanish language learning and children's games. The lessons will be given to our programming team who will then create virtual games for children to play online and on the iPad.

Our eligibility criteria is:

- Minimum 2 years language teaching experience. Early child development (Ages 4-10 yo) preferred.
- Proficiency in the English language - Oral and written.
- Proficiency in the Spanish language - Oral and written
- Experience in one or more of the following is preferred:
- Creating/developing lesson plans
- Writing children's books/stories
- Production of children's animation, tv, magazines etc.
- Production of children's games
- Higher Education (Diploma, First Degree etc.) is preferred
- It is recommended that you have access to an iPad.

You should know how to structure lessons in a way that is easy for kids. The areas covered should initially be: 1. Alphabet, 2. Phonics, 3. Spelling, 4. Vocabulary for the early lessons and then later on for more advanced children: 5. Reading, 6. Grammar, 7. Comprehension.

This is a long term job 6 months+ and you will need to work 10-20hrs per week depending on how quickly the programming can progress.

A skype interview (maybe more than 1) is required.

Thank you for reading and buena suerte!