Speadsheet Database integration developer

Speadsheet Database integration developer


Job Description

We are a government funded private training provider and hence are subject to strict audit and quality guidelines by the government
We want to create one online spreadsheet/database to track our learners’ progress through our course programmes. We have 4 centres, we want to have the following fields:
• Centre Name
• Learner name
• Username
• Course Programme
• Start
• End Dates (for this we need to a section to add comments to why learner is not on track)
• Current or Completed

Progress reviews of each programme need to be done within a 4 week period (If programme continues longer than a month then we require another progress review). We want a flagging system to give us an alert for this and how many progress reviews are needed for each programme.

Weekly tracking alert on 7 days after enrolment date on all current programmes (not completed) which has to be commented on with learner progression

We also require a flagging system to alert us when a programme end date is due – a two week before end date alert.

This needs to be a live document preferably cloud based as our 4 centres in different geographic locations will all need to access and update this information.

Skills: training