Special Report / eBook for Real Estate / Property Subdivisions

Special Report / eBook for Real Estate / Property Subdivisions


Job Description

Hello Freelancers,

Our company Dovetail Developments specialise in property or real estate subdivisions in Australia. We have an easy task of writing an ebook style 'Special Report' which we intend on using as a lead magnet for our website. We will also use the 'Special Report' / ebook as a direct marketing piece where our telemarketers will offer it to property or real estate owners, and request their email address for our database.

The report will be between 8-20 pages long and will walk readers through the great value of subdividing, yet the many risks involved and the need for an experienced and seasoned service provider.

I am seeking the copy writing expertise of a someone like you who has a knack with words, the ability to envoke the right emotion with our target audience, able to convert with your sales copy and have readers take the action, call our company and enquire further.

I have a suite of ebook examples for you to reference and assist through your process. Please do not plagiarise - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p06fevbhxuyuuua/-v669J0zKe

Looking forward to working with you.



Skills: marketing, ebooks, writing

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