Sports Arbitrage Software


Job Description


I'm looking for someone with prior experience creating sports arbitrage software.

The software needs to get the betting data from 30+ popular betting websites using either there API or scraping techniques.

For example if there was a big tennis match on it would store the data as follows:

Betting Company / Player A to WIN / Player B to WIN
Betfair (1.49) 3.42
SkyBet 1.40 3.46
Bet365 1.39 (3.52)
Etc 1.45 3.41

From that data it finds the highest odds from each outcome - in this case Betfairs 1.49 and Bet365's 3.52.

The software will then work out from a pre-defined figure the ratio that the user should be putting down on each market so that it maximises the chance of profiting from a bet on *both* players (in the example above). So for example it will say put X amount on player A and X amount on player B.

It will only do this for markets where there are 2 or 3 outcomes (i.e. player A wins, player B wins, or there's a draw).

Ideally you will have a keen interest in sports betting and experience creating applications from live data betting exchanges provide.

Please apply if you're interested in this position and would be interested in much more future work on developing this project.

Apply with details on past work, experience, interests and the word FORMULA.


Skills: sports, software-development