Spreadsheet tool to collect data from zacks and yahoo financial webpages


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The attached zip file contains 2 spreadsheets and 4 screenshots.

The first spreadsheet, calls271112.csv contains the raw data that will already be populated before the operation starts.

The second spreadsheet calls271112withdata.xls contains data obtained from the internet and the subsequent calculations. The data obtained from the internet is highlighted in yellow.

The 5 screenshots show the web pages from which the data has been obtained.

When the operation starts, columns E, F, G and H should move to the right and begin in column AB. I would also like to be able to specify the date to use for the current date. This is pasted into Cell AG1 and the words "Closing Prices" entered in Cell AF1.

The column titles should then be added in Row 1 and the data populated row by row using the EPIC in Column A and the date from cell AF1.

The data is self explanatory. I would point out that by coincidence there was no trading on the days 4 weeks before 26th November (29th October) or indeed 26 weeks before (28th May). In this case it should take the data from the closing prices of the last trading day before the date. Otherwise the closing prices of 29th October and 28th May would have been used.

Please respond with a fixed price for completing the job. As usual, extra points for demos etc.

Skills: yahoo, visual-basic

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