Staff Graphic Designer


Job Description

Job Description
REPORTS TO AND EVALUATED BY: CEO & Vice President of Operations

HOURS: As needed

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must be able to listen and speak clearly as communication is a daily requirement in this position. Must be able to utilize computers because much of the work is computer based.

MENTAL DEMANDS: The mental demands are described as high due to the level of work involved. Position holds a great deal of responsibility, and will often require a great degree of decision making within established and sometimes non-established policies and procedures. This position requires independent judgment and the ability to prioritize and plan work. The individual must be able to meet time constraints.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Position requires working as a virtual employee and adhering to tight timelines.

DEFINITION: Will be responsible for the following instructions well and assisting the CEO and Vice President with multiple tasks. Will be responsible for collaborating with Senior Management to solve simple as well as complex problems. Will be responsible for independently taking material and analyzing it; as well as creating and implementing systems to align with that material. Will need to create stunning designs for all types of print materials including but not limited to eBooks, business cards, postcards, workbooks, eBook covers, magazine and dvd covers. Web design knowledge is a plus.

COMPLAINT STATEMENT: Employee performs within the prescribed limits of KDS Ethics and Compliance program as well as contractual agreements. Is responsible to detect, observe, and report compliance variances to Senior Management.

MENTAL DEMANDS: Work will involve a variety of problems and require knowledge of KDS’s policies.

1. Detail oriented.
2. Exemplary work ethic and history.
4. Ability to work independently.

Personal Attributes:
1. Produce work of the highest standard.
2. Ability to meet deadlines.
3. Initiative to learn and develop new skills.
4. Exhibit integrity and is reliable.
5. Characterized as solutions oriented.

1. Microsoft Office
2. Skype
3. High speed internet
4. Quiet place free of background noise
5. Clear English accent
6. Headset and microphone
7. Ability to provide a 1 minute clip of yourself speaking
8. Dropbox
9. Adobe Acrobat

In order to avoid a generic application, please include the phrase BLUE WHALE in your cover letter. Failure to include this phrase will result in immediate deletion of your application.

Your application and the test task will ensure that you receive an interview, so please present your best effort. Please include your Skype availability so that we may get in touch with you for an interview if you are selected.

Please apply for the job after completing the test task. Tell me how or show me how you would design a dvd cover for a marketing system targeting restaurants.

The application will be used in the decision making process; however, the manner you complete this task and relay the information will weigh heavily on our choice of employee.