Staring Competition game using the web cam

Staring Competition game using the web cam


Job Description


We want someone to build a desktop app which will be connected to an online database.

Starting the app will have a button to start the game and a leaderboard, will discuss later.

On pressing the button, a webcam launches with a countdown, 3..2..1.. GO and a starting contest begins.

Basically the user has to keep starting and the time the user is staring for has to be tracked. As soon as the user blinks, the game has to end and the time has to be shown on the screen for how ling the user has stared. Then we go back to the previous screen and show the user rank along with the current leaderboard.

The times for all the users has to be stored on a database somewhere but this is easy part of the application.

I want someone who can
- finish this task in 1 week
- has experience in these kinds of applications
- has used libraries like OpenCV or something similar
- is hard working and dedicated to finish this app in 1 week
- is good in writing complex algorithms
- good communication and understands english

When you apply, follow these steps or your application will be rejected
- your first line should be "I will beat you at a staring contest" ... just to show you read everything carefully
- show me 3-4 links of similar work to this project - NO MORE THAN 3-4 LINKS ... I DONT HAVE TIME TO SEE ALL
- if you just copy your profile into the cover letter, you are showing you take shortcuts and are not hardworking and dedicated, I will reject your application. Just give me 5-10 lines of your experience and why you are good for the job
- give me the time you will take to make the app and how much you expect it to cost me

If I find someone suitable, please see my oDesk history, you will see I give several projects to people I trust, so this is an opportunity to become a part of my team. You do a good job, and you will get lots more work from me.

Thank You.

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