Startup Looking for Web Developers

Startup Looking for Web Developers


Job Description

We are a team of developers based in New York City and are working on a startup idea. We need more developers on board to get our startup idea out to the market faster. We already have designers here in New York City so all we need are developers (both for back and front-end). We do not mind working with an individual or a company.

Here is our technology stack:
-Java (Struts Framework)
-Apache Tomcat
-Javascript & jQuery

Here are some other things to note before bidding in our project:
-You need to have worked with the technology stack that we are using.

-You or your team or your company need to be very high quality developers. This is the most important factor to us. We are developers ourselves with years of experience so we will judge how well you can code. We have seen our fair share of bad developers. We are looking for the hacker types like ourselves.

-We don't mind if you are located India or anywhere in Asia as long as you are top quality developer. We don't care as much about the location but more about quality. We have heard horrible stories about people trying to outsource development to India so we are a little scared of outsourcing work to Asian countries but we are not against it.

-Speaking of location, if you are located in US, NYC, or Canada then its a huge plus!

-We work very hard and constantly on this project including late nights and weekends.

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