Statistician required

Statistician required


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my client is a lab. this lab gets samples from customers. each sample is a gas mixture. mixture could be several gases like oxygen, nitrogen etc. the lab will test the sample using various instruments and declare that the percentage of each gas is so much. like 2% oxygen 3% nitrogen etc. however there are many sources of uncertainty in this analysis. like instrument error, human error etc. we need to calculate the uncertainty of their analysis. the attachment tells you how to calculate. you need to tell me how to do it and then calculate it.

There are many errors that could occur. instrument errors (although instruments are calibrated), human error, environmental errors, etc. these sources need to be identified too.

You can find more details about this from this link

There is also a standard which is specific to the gas mixture analysis. I can provide that once I know you are confident of doing this project.

Skills: analysis

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