Study for a branch installation in Tallin, Estonia


Job Description

The society we have plan to open a branch in Estonia at Tallin.

We will do there first level IT support, pre-sales and administrative task with 1 to 3 people max to start.

But we need someone who is resident in Tallin, Estonia for :

X - Find the average price and conditions to rent :
- a 40-80 m2 office and/or a flat for non-resident company or company with a branch or individual people :
- Conditions and price by month
- Internet connection : how ? how many ? what condition and performance ?
- Other taxes when we rent or usual spending (water, electricity..)
- Price to buy 2 or 3 PC at Tallin with medium power and PC monitor linked (17 to 21 inches).

It's sample - we will give you an excel files where all need to be noted.

X - Take the appropriate information to see how to open a branch in Tallin for a foreign company incorporated in Switzerland. : who we need to contact for what price and how long it would take...

X - Make the appropriate search to find the right website or way to recruit people in Tallin and find the average (with relevant comparaison) rate asked for people for secretary task and basic admin system tasks for a young professional who have an university level.

We need someone who :

- Speak perfectly english and/or French
- Native estonian speaker
- Resident at Tallin
- Know perfectly the everyday life (was working...), born in Tallin, estonia ect..
- Have some experience of work in tallin.

She/he can continue to work with us during the installation phasis (if happens) in Tallin when we will ready to do it as Interpret or every day "helper" for basic admnistration tasks.

Could be also a good candidate for the jobs we are searching there we search for independant and clever people.

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