Subscription + Test module for Word Press

Subscription + Test module for Word Press


Job Description

Hello, for my word press site i need a subscription (online-school) module.
Subscription should be handle via PayPal.

Person sign up for the subscription and system should charge him once a month automatically, until user unsubscribe.

It will be online school section for the word-press. Admin can create sections and unlimited topics inside each section.

After subscribing, every week "student" will see new topic in his account.
So, after he/she subscribe and paid, first week he/she will see

Section #1 - Basics:
Week #1

By clicking on it - he/she will see the post.

After second week (7 days), he/she will see
Section #1 - Basics:
Week #1
Week #2

So, every 7 days from the subscription date, student will see one more topic.

After student received last topic fro the section, in 7 days - he/she should take a test (questions with 4 answers, only one is correct). Student will have unlimited attempts to take/pass a test. 85% is required to pass the test. If student fail the test, then new attempt should be allowed only in 24 hours.

After student passed the test, he/she can immediately see the next section (first topic). Another 7 days - second topic etc.

Admin should be able to see which week is every student are and the last results from his test.

Please, let me know how much time will you need to complete the project.
include ONE link to your best project that can demonstrate your skills

Please, be reasonable with estimating time to complete the project. I will deduct the % from the agreed price if project will be delivered later than your estimate date.

- After 50% of time - 50% of work should be completed. If not - I'll deduct 10%

- After 75% of time - if 50% of work will not be completed - I'll close the contract and pay nothing.

- If project will NOT be completed on time - I will deduct 2% for each day of delay.

I am doing it ONLY because I am working with Odesk for 2 years and almost every project is delay, sometimes for 1-2 months, which is not acceptable.

Skills: test

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