Support operatives wanted


Job Description

Please have a look at the required skills and see if you have any of them .

We need a team of support operatives , capable of working fulltime , keep tracking of their 8hrs a day , don't lack work or skip hours .

A trustworthy people are needed capable of learning of how to use support ticket softwares , know how to record data or use an excel sheet .

Basically the work is going to be like copy paste templates of answers for basic questions , so it should be easy , but you are going to do a bit more than that and you will receive a training on how to do it .

The payment will start at $1/hr , and you are the responsible to increase or decrease your salary . The company is new and starting soon , and we are aiming to work and stay up for years , so now you have the opportunity to have that job that makes you feel comfortable away from freelancing troubles .

You are going to work 8 hrs a day , 6 days a week , so you will have to make sure before applying that you can be present and work your hours .

What you will need is :
- skype
- headset
- English ( if you know any other langage or you have a different native language please mention it because you can have a different position for that)
- time table with the availability time

If you feel yourself to take a position in our company and be one of our family then please apply to this job and write at the beginning , I am a trustworthy person , followed with what else you feel comfortable to write in a convincing cover letter .

Thank you

Skills: data-collection, email-support, live-chat, training, english