Symfony Programmer for Language Institute

Symfony Programmer for Language Institute


Job Description

I need someone experienced using symfony to update an intranet.

Student and Teacher Information Data Base
These are already on the site but they need to be vastly improved and organized and of course intertwined with the other parts of the intranet.

There needs to be a space where we can write in the students schedules as well as where the teachers can write in their schedules.

Electronic Correspondence: Intranet needs to be connected to our email
system (gmail) to be able to send when necessary email from inside of the
-System where teachers or students can cancel classes.
-Automatic system set up to where students can cancel classes (if they are
within certain time from – before 18:30 the day before the scheduled class
they can reschedule the class. If they are after 18:30 they are not allowed to
make it up and they are reminded of that and that they will be charged for the
-Automatic time stamped emails to teachers when classes are cancelled (and
or text messages)
-Automatic time stamped emails to students when classes are cancelled (and
or text messages)

Text Messages: I am not sure if this is possible but I would like for there to
be options to send messages when classes are canceled.

Basic Management of Studies :
Individual and group classes- a place where teachers can record information
for each class they teach.
-date, name (automatically available to choose from), space for content, what
learned, homework, what to do for next class, etc.)

An area where each student can come in and review what they have learned,
etc. and see what is to come.
Space where they can send a quick email to us (admin)

Where the teachers will be able to record their hours and classes.
Space where they can send a quick email to us.
All of this should be synchronized to work together.

Timetables and Calendars (A large calendar for the admin of the site and a
calendar for each student and teacher)
When an item is added to a student or teacher calendar it should
automatically be shown on the admin calendar with corresponding teacher or

Basic Financial Management:
Can register payments made.
All reports below should be automatically be Word, PDF, or Excel exportable
given an option to send by email.
Can see the number of classes they have had or will have to know how much
they need to pay.
Monthly calculations of payments for teachers (utilizing their registry of

Permissions: Different access permissions for different types of user.
(Admin, Teachers, Students)

Backup: A system will need to be set up so there will be a daily back up of
entire intranet.

Language: The intranet needs to be expressed in Spanish. It can initially be
written in English and then be translated.

Work out the bugs and add more options
We expect that after everything is done on the program that we will need a
final milestone that will last at least a month or so. There will always be items
that will need to added or modified.
If amount of work becomes too tedious or too time consuming we will need to
work out another financial agreement.

If you are interested please let me know.

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