Symfony developer with MySQL

Symfony developer with MySQL


Job Description

We are a startup in the first stage of developing an online platform for event management.

At its most basic level, the platform will allow event Organisers to upload information about events, and users to find events based on various geographic and personal attributes. Over time, additional functionality will then be added to provide: loyalty programs, voucher programs, e-commerce, mobile apps, ticketing,, etc.

The initial phase of development has been divided into smaller jobs to allow us to assess the coding capability, and efficiency of developers.

The overall project is a significant undertaking and successful candidates deemed to have an adequate skill level will be offered larger projects and have opportunity for ongoing work.

We are looking for a highly skilled developer that has a good experience working with Symfony framework in PHP and MySQL environment.

You will also need to have good jQuery skills and be able to develop dynamically generated content.

You must have proven experience working in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) style with Symfony framework.

Any examples of previously completed work would help us determine your suitability.

Using Symfony framework you are required to create an Event class based on the databased schema (attached) with all relevant methods to manipulate the object (e.g. add event, edit event, delete event, get full event info, etc.) There must also be a test file that would allow you to manipulate an Event object using all of the methods created.

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