System Administrator

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Seeking a highly experienced System Administrator to take over the on-going management of our dedicated LAMP server on a long-term basis.
You will be able to get your questions answered by our outgoing sysad.

Our main domain is We are running a number of applications under this domain (see below) each having a separate development, test and production environment that you will maintain.
We currently require an average of between 5-15 hours per month with daily progress.

We are running the following stack:
• Linux Ubuntu Server Edition (LTS)
• VPN Server
• Firewall
• Red5 streaming server
• Mail server (postfix, dovecot plus roundcube as a web client)
• Apache, MySQL, PHP (dev, test & Live environments of web apps)
• Jira, Confluence & other Atlassian tools plugins
• some SSL certificates

We're looking for someone we can work with long-term to maintain and scale our systems. Other requirements:
• Web Applications deployment strategies
• NodeJS environment administration (planned)
• MySQL and Apache optimization for heavy load (planned)

Your main contact will be our Project Manager, located in Argentina. At times you will also chat/speak with the Sydney Australia based client. Text chats via skype plus emails are normally sufficient. There will be times when it would be advantageous for you to make a skype/voip voice call to our hosting company OVH. So make mention of any OVH experience and your ability to make a skype/voip voice call.

Please share your service offering.
As well as your rate, we need to know the hours you're normally available. Also advise what support we can expect for any hours you will not be available, i.e. in case of an emergency.
If you have additional client feedback on another job site, then please include a link to your profile.

Please attach your Resume/CV, and start your response with 'Please find my Resume/CV attached', and of course ensure that your CV/Resume is attached.