Systems Center SCCM Guru and Architect needed


Job Description

Need help with scoping and assistance on customer project for SCCM health check and integration. ONLY EXPERTS should apply...

1. Health checks on the existing SCCM 2007 Primary-(Chicago) and Secondary-(Washington DC) servers to ensure efficient performance and stability.
2. Health check on the existing standalone WSUS 3.0, SP2 server-(Chicago).
3. Integrate the WSUS 3.0, SP2 services into the Primary SCCM 2007 server.
4. Develop a plan to build another Secondary SCCM 2007 server for the Chicago office.
5. Develop a plan & assist with the migration of the 16 existing boundaries to the new Secondary SCCM server and remove them from the existing Primary SCCM 2007 server.
6. Develop a recommendation for placement of the Primary SCCM 2007 server.

Important information:
• The Primary SCCM 2007 server will be moving to the new building at Chicago, IL on August 7th.
• The Primary SCCM 2007 server uses SQL2005 for database on the same server.
• There are roughly 1200 PC’s, 17 at our New Jersey office, 80 at our Washington DC office and the rest here at the current Chicago office
• The New Secondary server will stay at the current office until September 2nd. Then it will then be de-commissioned and removed.
• There are 16 boundaries in the current office, corresponding to individual floors.
• There will be roughly 19 new boundaries in the new building corresponding to 2-per floor and 1 on the 1st floor.
• Communication for the SCCM 2007 Primary server from the new building (330) to the old building (515) in Chicago and to Washington DC SCCM 2007 server is a must.
• The SCCM 2007 Primary server, SQL 2005 server and the WSUS server are all on the same server.
• SCCM2007 and the WSUS databases use the same SQL 2005 server.

• Health checks report on the Primary/Secondary SCCM servers and WSUS server.
• Recommend improvements to the SCCM and WSUS environments.
• Placement of the Primary SCCM/WSUS server.
• Integration of the WSUS console into the SCCM console.
• Build the New Secondary SCCM 2007 server for the Chicago office.
• Statement of Work (SOW) and time line proposal. (Layout the days and hours to be needed)
• June implementation needed for this proposal.