Job Description

I need an expert Wordpress theme designer who is very familiar with Thematic.
You need to provide examples of Wordpress sites that you have designed with the Thematic theme ONLY.
Any bids that include links to Wordpress sites that DO NOT use Thematic will be declined.

Top level menu/header:
Ribbon shape
Persistent as you scroll down the page in a similar fashion to
The top three boxes to be widgetised to allow for a logo and/or message.

Page templates:
1) Thin width with no side bar and no header menu (just logo). Similar to a squeeze page.
2) Normal width with no sidebar.
3) Normal width with sidebars.

Hero image of product screenshots with two customisable text buttons (text and colour to be customisable).
Widgets for blocks underneath (Configurable as 2x2 or 3x3).
Similar to and
Blocks to go to the following pages:
-app1 features page
-infographic page
-future products signup page
-contacts page

App1 - features page:
Thin page template with graphics/screenshots.
Similar to

App1 - pricing page:
Columns per plan with features per row. Allow ability to highlight a specific plan.
To be fully configurable via the admin section.
Similar to SaaS wordpress theme at

Infographic page:
Embed code for others to embed infographic on their site.
Infographic will be provided.

Future products signup page:
Page with embedded signup form from another site.

Contact page:
Email form and links to twitter and facebook profiles.

Skills: design, graphics