TICKETING ...Website/Script needed!


Job Description

We need a script and or Website that handles the sale of TICKETS for ALL types of events ! just ... Google it ..." TICKETING SALES SCRIPTS ..." and you will see many options... however, we are looking for a small shareholder/partner that knows this setup and we can agree towards the developement of thi website!!!

We have a great domain name that will be readily accepted for what we have to offer, and as this is a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR industry, we only want to receive replies from those genuinely interested in contributing something towards this Business Opportunity ...

Please do not apply if you're JUST looking for a job, contract ... we need a genuine party that has done "ticketing" and can see the scope/potential to help us develop a strong and competitive BUSINESS with your script.

GENUINE PARTIES MUST SHOW what previous experience in this sector!

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