Teach me conversational Spanish via Skype

Teach me conversational Spanish via Skype


Job Description

I am interested in learning to speak Spanish and I already understand some of the very basics. My major focus will be on speaking and understanding others, not reading and writing. The reason for learning Spanish is for personal interest, as well as travel and business.

I am interested in having some lessons via Skype (approximately 30 minutes per lesson) about 1 time per week to start. I plan on taking lessons for 3 months in total, and I may have colleagues and friends who are also interested (if I can recommend someone good).

-Native Spanish speaker
-Conversationally fluent in English
-Ability to give lessons via Skype during the evening hours (Ex. 8-10pm Eastern Time - Montreal, Canada)
-Some teaching or tutoring experience would be preferred

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Thank you.

Skills: english, teaching, tutoring

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