Teacher Teaching A Class of Students How To Play Armis

Teacher Teaching A Class of Students How To Play Armis


Job Description

Armis is a high strategy board game created in the USA for worldwide enjoyment. Armis provides a daily brain workout and is currently played online in over 130 countries.

Here are some of the short and long term benefits that come with playing Armis on a daily basis:

* Armis develops critical thinking skills, and provokes logical thinking
* Armis builds self-esteem, skills sets are certain and measurable
* Armis inspires you to be inventive
* Armis emboldens you to learn complex matters easier and faster
* Armis sharpens your analytic and cognitive mind
* Armis spurs you to plan for and attain success

Your job is to do a video showing a teacher in a classroom instructing a class (minimum of 7 students) on how to play Armis.

It must be real -- real teacher, real students, real classroom, and real game play.

It's important to capture the overall experience. Students should be encouraged to ask question before during and game play.

In the videos you must show at least 3 people winning the game, even if people work together do achieve success.

The whole video must be in English and should be no less than 25 mins.

Special note for all Armis video presentations: please keep in mind that Armis is more of a family game than a war game, so in that light we try to use certain keywords for certain activities, ie: we 'activate' the Nuke rather than 'blow it up', or 'detonation' it; we 'take', 'remove', or 'capture' player pieces instead of 'kill', 'crush', or 'destroy' 'men'.; we play against 'the opponent', to 'win' not against 'the enemy' to 'beat'.them. Lastly, we try not to capture our opponent's Child during any assignment.