Team and Lead for Complex SAAS project


Job Description

We are seeking a full time/ full service team with excellent communication skills and proven experience. You will be working to modularize existing code, add many features and functionality, work with the existing database, and make additions to the db as needed. We will also need more abstraction in our code to make it more modular and OOP.

We operate on a LAMP stack. This project uses most of the common web technologies including, but not limited to, PHP 5, mySQL, Debian 6, XML, SOAP, JSON, javascript, jQuery, MVC, server management and security.

Here is a very brief overview of immediate project needs:
-we provide SAAS to multiple websites
-client side validation of forms
-integration with Twilio API for simple text messaging
-integration with SendGrid API, sending email on behalf of clients
-database/php addition to delay text messages
-code abstraction
-centralize all code in a CMS - all sites
-finish php/css color abstraction so call colors can be managed centrally
-build 10 new front page layouts/header/footer based on existing Twitter Bootstrap template.
-small cleanup of existing code to eliminate all javascript/PHP errors and warnings
-upgrade existing Google Maps API2 to AIP3
-customization of maps, layers, heatmaps, drawing tools, geospatial
-expanding site functionality/features with cookies/php/mysql
-integration with existing shopping API (SSL, storefront)
-data mapping from multiple data sources into central db
-HTML5 / responsive design
-jquery mobile - finish existing mobile site & optimize
-centralizing each client's control panel code into one location
-handling lost passwords automatically through the control panel interface
-adding features / customization to control panel

Our code is very clean, but is complex and will require significant communication with an excellent English speaker. There will be more abstraction and functions necessary.

Because this project is large and complex, we require EXCELLENT English and communication skills.

This project will have multiple deadlines based on priority of tasks/assignments and must be completed by the end of December.

We have high standards and will work well with a team lead that can provide feedback through throughout the project.

Please be very detailed in your response in your job application. This is a big project, and your attention to detail will be rewarded. We will give priority to a team with relevant experience in their portfolio.

You may notice we have several open jobs posted. If we find a good lead developer and team, we can either award you those jobs as your complete project or we can contract out those pieces to other developers.

We will be happy to provide you with examples of our current sites and more details as needed. If you have specific questions, please include them in your job application.

Thank You!

Skills: json, mvc, management, twitter, drawing, design, english