Technical & Customer Support - Web Solutions

Technical & Customer Support - Web Solutions


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for someone to handle customer and technical service duties for a small business that specialises in enterprise web solutions. Specifically, you will:

1. Handle refund requests by looking up customer orders in our support system and creating a ticket
2. Address and amend user issues with services, such as quality concerns, technical difficulties and usability questions
3. Respond to emails regarding the product/service and to communicate around suggestions made by potential customers and clients

Contractor requirements

We are looking for a contractor who:

1. Must have an understanding of the workings of cPanel, WHM, WHMCS
2. Is available the majority of the week, this includes weekends, as support tickets can be submitted at any-time (expanding on this, you will receive a personalised email address which will instantly notify you of any tickets submitted)
3. Has worked in a customer service setting or a similar customer-facing job
(This does not have to be necessary if the applicant has an understanding of web server administration)
4. Has a solid command of written English to reply to customers

How to apply

To apply, please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your customer service experience along with retail product experience
2. Your availability, this includes days and estimated times.

In addition, please include the following:

How you would respond to a first time unhappy client that is requesting a refund due to a hosting product undergoing unscheduled downtime?

Please take into consideration that we offer a Service Level Agreement in all our plans.

About the company

We are a new small business that specialises in enterprise web solutions that started in 2010. We offer such services as cloud and location based hosting and servers including dedicated and virtual private servers.

Skills: english