Technical Researcher Needed for Analysis


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for a researcher with technical skills who can, compile and manage ongoing research. A portion of this work will be to update as well as maintain and update online services.

Specifically, the tasks will include:

1. Monitor all sources of information sent out by us to our clients and maintain a daily, weekly and monthly schedule for monitoring
2. Produce and update marketing information document as required
3. Add and tag relevant articles and update the company’s account with new websites as appropriate
4. Create a brief weekly summary of relevant information, with links to original sources
5. Maintain time sheets to allow an accurate assessment of profitability


An understanding of financial products is desirable, but not essential. More important is a keen mind and the ability to read, disseminate, summarize and organize information found about the industry.
How to apply

Along with your cover letter, please prepare a marketing document on the effects of credit card legislation on large banks or submit a similar document that you have already created.

About the company

We are a research company that provides timely analysis of current trends and news. Our clients include financial advisors, brokerages and fund companies.

Skills: marketing, research