Technical Writer for Diabetes ebook

Technical Writer for Diabetes ebook


Job Description

I am looking to hire a technical writer to help write an ebook on Type 2 diabetes and management strategies. The book will be reviewed and published by 2 medical professionals. The focus will be on providing easy to understand professional advice. The medical authors who will be reviewing the ebook will provide direction for technical content, appropriate research and websites to review for information and inclusion in the ebook, however it is expected that the writer will be confident in researching some of the basic information as required.

The project will involve creating an ebook of approximately 200-300 pages (50000-75000 words) covering off on various topics including:

- What is diabetes? How is it caused?
- Medical treatments available?
- Nutritional strategies to treat type 2 diabetes
- Exercise strategies to treat type 2 diabetes
- Supplements for diabetics

The successful writer will be expected to send through completed chapters every week for reviewing. It is envisioned that this project will be completed over a 4-6 week period.

When applying for this work, please respond with the following questions answered:

1) What experience do you have in writing medical/health related ebooks? Please provide link
2) How many ebooks have you written in the past?
3) How many words per day can you write, including some research of the topic?
4) How much do you charge per 1000 words?
5) Can you meet the deadline of this project (4-6 weeks upon contract commencement)

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