Technical drawings for Environmental Consulting Firm

Technical drawings for Environmental Consulting Firm


Job Description

Environmental Consulting firm looking seeking bids from responsible, efficient, skilled technical drawing expert skilled at creating and editing scale drawings from property boundary surveys or hand drawn maps with measurements.

Typical drawings include site layout (structures, utilities, streets, driveways, fences, monitoring well locations) of fueling stations, bulk storage terminals, and insudtrial locations.

On the base site map, we will post laboratory results of soil and groundwater samples, contour lines, and other data. In most cases, we have the base map already and will requie only that you add the data. We will provide the data and an example of how the data should appear on the map. Typical set of figures we include in our reports is attached.

My local office currently relies on a draftperson in another office who is sloppy and slow. If this works out, we will be sending several projects a month to you.

Especially important is your ability to 1) Follow written instructions 2) Create accurate drawings which require little to no revision 3) Complete drawings and revisions in 48 hours or less, depending on the project.

Skills: drawing

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