Telemarketer Research

Telemarketer Research


Job Description

I am based in the US and I'm looking for a telemarketing company to work several projects. This is a research gig because I want a short list of telemarketing companies who A) have EXPERIENCE in the projects areas I'm working in and B) fit the criteria of a company I want to do business with. Please review the criteria I need satisfied and then the actual telemarketing projects below that & if you're sure you can get this information, get back to me with your proposals.

I.) Telemarketing Company Criteria
A. The company must have a business license and I must be able to look it up within the jurisdiction they operate in
B. I would like feedback from past or current clients in fields similar to mine
C. THIS IS IMPORTANT: the company must agree to a trial period of two weeks. This will not only give me an accurate barometer of how do will perform but I will use their number of closes or sales as a basis for cash advances once the trial is over. Therefore, if the project ...

Skills: research