Telesales - Credit Card Processing

Telesales - Credit Card Processing


Job Description

- To close business and have a signed form for credit card processing.

Hours are flexible. Count your own hours, and have a discretion to see when is the best calling hours.

- Have to have an area code of 415 to make calls. This will show up that the caller is in my area local. Merchants are afraid of providing financial information if it's outside of the local calling area. There are about 15,000 leads in this area, so, this project would take about 1 year.

Here are some suggestions: All times are in San Francisco time.
- Convenient stores tend to be available at 10am
- Restaurants are busy during lunch hours.

Hourly Rate:
- 25 hours per week
- Hourly rate is $7/hour.

This is the bonus structure
- 1-2 deals = $0/deals month
- 3-4 deals = $150/deals month
- 5-7 deals = $200/deals month
- 8 and up = $250/deals months

Would not pay for fake deals.

This is a long term project. So, this person should know how to sell.

All signed deals are to be attached as an email so that I can keep track of it.