Test to Hire a long term Writer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

This is a test run to hire a good writer.

I run several sites and do not have the time to write it all myself. Thus I am looking for a freelance writer. Typically I will need 14 to 30 articles a month, each of 500 words. Topics will be based on furniture, sports education, car parts, office technology, painting, childcare etc. You can expect a monthly workload of at least 14 articles. On top of that, I will need occasionally about 100-200 product/category descriptions for websites – each of about 100 words.

Before I can commit to such a long term assignment, I want to test and hire the best writer. My last search gave me a good writer who is not taking any new assignments so I am searching for a new Writer.

At the moment I am looking for 2 articles only at approx $6 per article.

Important things to note:

a. Most Important: Keywords should appear naturally in the sentences.
b. Use Primary Keywords at least 4 times (No more than 5 times) in the entire article.
c. Include Primary Keyword in the 1st sentence.
d. No Filler statements, i.e. do not use filler words just to meet the word count.
e. Short and simple sentences.
f. Use variations and synonyms all through the article.
g. Keep it natural and in Conversational tone.
h. Do not overstuff keywords. They should fit in naturally within a sentence.
i. Article should be written in 2nd person i.e. "You might be wondering why this is important".
j. Article length should be 500 words minimum.
k. Each article must be written to add informational value to the target audience and must be written from their viewpoint.
l. Use bullet points/numbered lists where appropriate – eg 6 tips, 7 questions etc.
m. Don’t mention the name of the Client company, nor their website or sell anything in the article.
n. Use British way of spelling, ie "colour", instead of "color", "organise", instead of "organize", etc.

I plan to fill this up by next week. So if you are serious please submit a sample article targeting these keywords:

Article #1: Devon bedroom furniture
Article #2: Recliner chairs

The types of writing assignments to expect once hired long term:

1. Website content
2. Article for Article directories
3. Short blog posts

Please mention specific experiences in your cover letter rather than generic statements of hardworking etc.