Testing THIS WEEKEND for Programmer

Testing THIS WEEKEND for Programmer


Job Description

Note: please use the words "purple bunnies" in the first line of your application so that I know you read this post.

Please follow the following directions:

List your experience with the following:

Membership Site Creation
Google Analytics

We need you to conduct a test with us first to see if we are a fit.

I need at least 2, maybe 3 dependable individuals to work on multiple new and ongoing projects. You need to be a proactive individual or team that can jump right in and get our jobs done.

This will be a full-time ongoing position. I have to have your best weekly and/or monthly rate submitted in your proposal.

I also need you to tell me the hours you work and/or can work.

If you do not share with me all that I have asked for you will automatically be deleted.

Side Note

You will notice that I received one poor feedback score....let me explain that I gave the contractor a good score because the work was good, yet he gave me a bad score because ... He would not release the work at the end of the job until I paid him an excessive amount of money that was not agreed upon (note he had been paid in installments and was paid in full then demanded more money or he wouldn't release the work). When I disputed this with Odesk, he became mad, verbally abusive and ultimately was forced to provide the work to me. As a result he gave me a poor score. Remember there are two sides to every story!

I am a very fair and honest individual working with a great company...we have fun and have a great team working with us. Don't let this one guy keep you from applying...this is a great long-term opportunity for the right person/team.

Who is ready to have a rewarding long-term opportunity?

Skills: infusionsoft, test