This Is A Great Job For An Actor -- Do Educational Video Of Armis Lesson-Plan

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

There are currently two lessons plans at, we want you to select one of them to create an educational video guide. The video will show and tell viewers exactly how to execute/perform/carryout the lesson-plan.

You can use whatever prop, visual aid, or actor(s) you feel will deliver the message.

Since you have lots of creative latitude the budget is wide open to all bids, just make sure that you indicate your intentions in your cover letter to justify your bid. For example if you are going to do it in an actual classroom with many students, computers, multiple video recorders, good editing, etc ... I would expect that bid to be substantially higher than a production with only has one camcorder, one person, and basic editing.

If you are good at delivering our message we would be willing to hire you to visit schools all over your state showing education professionals how to use Armis in their respective schools.

Remember bid whatever your wish, but make sure to justify your bid in your cover letter.

Skills: video, teaching, analysis, management, leadership