To Call and Recruit people in my business

To Call and Recruit people in my business


Job Description

Hello Odeskers

As the title suggests

I have a list of potential candidates and i need you to do the following:

1) Call them up (all will be based in the UK so if you are from the Philipines there is a cheap call card you can obtain or anywear else in the world also is a call card available for you, as you should already know)

2)Qualify them on the phone using my script and using your OWN experience in fishing and finding out if they are interested.

3)Send them a link to a company presentation if they qualify on the phone and tell them you will "try" to ring you back at a certin time TOMORROW(again, use your own skills of recruitment to give the candidate the impression of SCARSETY or fear of loss, again you should already know this, to see if they still want to go ahead.

4)If so, you then pass them onto me for a final interview were i will make the final decision.

That is it.

I want MANY candidates for a recent expansion so you will both be busy and it will be enjoyable :) I also do this myself

Please note you MUST have very good English speaking and MUST send me at least a 30 second voice recording BEFORE i even consider you

I will not interview you UNLESS you send me a voice recording

My Skype ID is: john.caddies

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