Traffic Selling Business - Website Design, Client panel + Admin panel

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Important: Please read through all instructions clearly, and provide the questions we ask below in your application letter. If those answers to the questions are not found, we will reject your application automatically.

Please also do not bid with any requests on upfront payments, we do not pay upfront.


Our company has been outsourcing to Odesk for the little things for quite sometime now. We know we can entrust our upcoming large project by finding the right contractor. We also understand that different contractors have different skills/attitude and are each suitable for different kind of projects.

We have outsourced to both not-that-serious contractors and perfectionist contractors before. For the little projects we had before, we found success with not-that-serious contractors, as it is good on the pocket and we get the task done conveniently.

For this project, we only WANT professional and perfectionist type of contractors/companies. This is because, we are aiming to compete to become the industry leader in the field, therefore everything you program or design must be PERFECT.

Project introduction:

We are creating a traffic selling business. Google "traffic holder", it is the same type of business as us. We need to create the web design, and program the client + admin panel.

You can apply if you are a:
- Designer : You will take up the task of designing the homepage, and internal pages only. You will need to convert your design into code. You cannot submit a design only without converting them into code.
- Programmer: You will take up the task of coding our user and admin panel or other website areas that we need help on. You must ensure that the finishe product will be usable without any bugs or coding errors.
- Or both: You will take up both task.

Project requirements:

We have created a mockup already, so there is no need for you to "guess" what we want or start from scratch.

Homepage mockup:
Userpanel mockup:

Full mockup will be provided upon hiring.

Our expectations for our designer:

MOST IMPORTANT- You must work fast. We might want several revisions on any design before we find the right design, so we need you to create design fast, and make revisions even faster.
- Please include your best work in your portfolio/application letter. We will use that to judge if you have good taste on your designing work, and your creativity.
This is how we work- We will give you instructions for any design if there are any. We will try our best to search for designs we like for any specific parts if we have any preference. The rest of it, follow the mockup.

You are to complete one area of design (e.g website layout, banner or logo) > submit it to us > once approved > then move on to the next one. This is so that you will not waste any time in creating further design, if we are not satisfied with the previous one. Imagine if we don't like the banner you design, and you base your website layout on the banner, it will be waste of time to re-do everything. It will save your time and ours.

Our expectations for our programmer:

MOST IMPORTANT: At least 3 years of programming experience, and handled at least one major/complicated project before. Do you think you can code a site like ? Our project coding difficulty is about 80% of it.
- All functions must be working upon delivery. Bugs must be fixed if there are any.
- Site is be build on PHP.
This is how we work- As we are not programmers ourselves, we need you to be experienced enough to give us advice on what platform/coding to use for each area of the site.

Thank you, and hope we will have a good time working together.

1) How many people on your team will be working on our project?
2) How many projects do you got on hand currently? How many hours daily will you dedicate on working on our project?

Skills: design