Transcription-Native Enlish

Transcription-Native Enlish


Job Description

Hi. We are a General Transcription Company looking for EXPERIENCED General Transcriptionists. Below are some of the basic requirements we are looking for:

*Must have a good grasp of the English language and must be able to proof and edit work prior to submitting finished transcripts. We receive audio files from all over the world. Experience with different accents is a plus.
*Able to follow TAT.
*Must pass a brief tests.
*Must be NATIVE English
*newbies are welcomed

About Job:
Transcribing 3-hour long interviews from audio to MS Word. Time varies, but you will have roughly one week to complete each interview. Payment will be PER PROJECT (interview). I do not, will not, and will never pay per transcribing hour. If I need the interview sooner than the allotted one week, payment will be increased. There is room for an extended contract.

I have over 20 hours interviews that I NEED transcribed by the 1rd at 9pm.
Pay is 0.80/minute!

Apply only if serious. Don't contact me and tell me you'll do it for more money; clearly I'm not interested in that.

Skills: english