Transcription work, full or part time.


Job Description

I am looking for reliable transcribers who can work with English, Australian or American accents and are comfortable, quick and accurate in transcribing it.
Hi, please read all of this if you do not wish to be declined.
This rate, will be increased for regular workers, I will pay $6-7, per audio hour, plus bonuses, for good TAT and accuracy of work.
There is a lot of work for the right people and an opportunity to earn money for Christmas!
Please advise what days and hours, you are available during the week, in what time zone you are living, number of hours, + or minus GMT?
I am looking for you to transcribe audio files to word format for me. Typically the files will be anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours.
There are some important conditions that you must be aware of and agree to, if you want to be accepted for this position.
The conditions for working for me are as follows:
If a file is up to one hour in length, it is important that there is a 12 hour turnaround time, this can be extended depending on your time zone - THIS IS IMPORTANT!
Accurate transcription! This means that you must proof read the file and have it ready for the client - this is extremely important as this service relies on high quality transcription!
You must be able to understand English Grammar, at a high level.
All Transcription will be in English.
This job requires that you are available throughout most of the week, therefore prefer people who work online and will be available throughout the day to work on files. I need dedicated people who I can rely on - there is consistent work and this is important!
You need to reply within 3 hours of the time that I send you work, to say whether, you can or cannot do the transcript.
You must have transcription experience, so please send at least one example of your work.
Before I hire you, I will get you to transcribe a small 2 minute file to show case your skillset - this is to ensure that you can adequately understand and transcribe at a minimum level.
Once hired, I will send you work on a part time basis. Once I am confident in your work and turnaround time, I will begin to send you a lot more work, you will be part of a growing team.
I will interview you on Skype, to discuss the position if I like your cover letter, so you must have a Skype ID.
Please put your Skype ID at the top of your cover letter so I know you have read this, if no Skype ID, it will be declined.
Also tell me if you are looking for, part time or full time work and how many wpm you type..
Please note - Only apply if you can meet the above conditions.