Transfer menu items and articles from old joomla 2.5 site to new joomla 3.0 site


Job Description

Need someone good with joomla to transfer all of the menu items and corresponding content from articles, images, and any other data and migrate it from old joomla 2.5 site to new joomla 3.0 site on a different domain. I would also like to create a dynamic landing page with pricing for comcast business class solutions, one with just cable and fiber baseline pricing (data), one with just voice, managed and pri pricing (voice) and then one with both and other hybrid solutions we offer in conjunction. I would also like to incorporate a customer facing qualifying web based serviceability tool into a lead form that the customer will submit. I would like the form to submit directly into zoho crm, create the customer file and notify 3 people via email when a inquiry is submitted. I am willing to start on this today and should not take someone who is knowledgable too long.