Translate Switchvox realtime caller ID data to Nortel SMDR format

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Job Description

We are migrating from a traditional T1 connected to a Nortel MICS PBX. Currently the Nortel PBX has a SMDR unit attached to it providing real time CDR data to our accounting package to provide screen pops on each of the individual sales reps terminals. We are interested to see if Switchvox API can also provide this realtime CDR data stream as well in the same format as the Nortel SMDR data stream.

The CDR data needs to be in the Nortel format since our accounting integration is a legacy product that can not be modified to adapt to the Switchvox format, hence the current project.

The data stream has to be exported in real time to our accounting integration via a serial port connection.

We are looking at a Switchvox hosted solution and do not plan to host the Switchvox on premise. So I am guessing the best solution would be to have a windows box on premise that would "listen" for the CDR data coming from the hosted switchvox server and then take that data and translate it into the Nortel SMDR format and export it via serial port. Perhaps you would know of a better way than I for how this should work or what the best solution would be.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!

Skills: pbx, voip