Travel Company Seeks Branding & Online Marketing Expert


Job Description

1-2 persons with innovative ideas about online marketing. We need someone confident that money spent will attract 1 person who will refer 1+ people to our site.

About Us: is an online travel-software company. We are launching a new product (innovative APP) soon and need an experienced expert to be the "brain" and guide the campaign while our team focuses on our core operations.

We have created materials, videos, and other helpful tools to use for our marketing campaign.


Goal / End Result:
Expert(s) hired will help us launch a successful online marketing campaign, sign-up and retain new customers, and aid us in "refining" our online brand and presence.

Skills Required:
> 5+ Years online marketing
> Motivated go-getter
> Perceived as excellent amongst peers
> Demonstrated quality, results
> Performance based pay is an option
> Understands that we not only need advice, but also results
> Ability to implement ideas (we can assist, but you take lead)

We hope to find a talented individual to join our team ... and enjoy the GOOD LIFE.

- The Good Life Team

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