Twilio Custom Application

Twilio Custom Application


Job Description


I would like to develop a Twilio application that will perform the following tasks.

1) Enter a phone number into a web based script
2) The script triggers a flow (Already set up)
3) The next day, it triggers another flow (already set up) (Put on a 24 hour timer or something)
4) 2 days later triggers another flow (Already set up)
5) 5 days later triggers another flow
6) Every 2 weeks triggers a flow

Basically, I have sales reps that after speaking with a prospect about our product will enter his/het cell phone number into this script.

The module that I need build then automates the initial message and subsequent follow up messages based upon TIME of initial entry.

The module will need to have a user CP where I can log in and see all the phone numbers in the system, the last stage completed, the next stage coming up, and give me an option to delete that number from the system. (In case we sell them or.. they what removed from the system).

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