Twilio software architect and integration specialist


Job Description

Integrate phone tracking and statistics into vehicle classifieds system.

We want to track outgoing phone calls made to dealer's vehicle listings on our site. We want to be able to show how many phone calls were made from our website to dealers, show who they were from, where they were from, the duration, recording of conversation, and other simple statistics.

Admin Functions:
Rent and assign twilio phone number to dealer accounts.
View phone leads per dealer and date.
View total phone leads by date and time.

Dealer Functions:
View phone call leads in sellers dashboard when dealer logs in including conversation duration, name of the caller, time of the call and the recording of conversation. Number of calls for certain dates... etc

The site including admin panel and dealer dashboard is currently built using CodeIgniter framework. Twilio is just an addition to existing features. You are going to be working along the side of highly skilled developers to make your task as easy as possible. We have private repositories hosted on github for easy collaboration.