Twillio Application

Twillio Application


Job Description

We would like to have a web based application to manage a number of twillio numbers.

A caller calls a twillio phone number and they are routed to a voice mail message. While the message is playing if they press 1 they are transferred to a mobile phone number and added to our “Buyer’s List” and receive a 2 text message immediately and once a day for a variable number of days. Each of these text messages will be different If they press 2 they receive a text message immediately and are added to our “Buyer’s List” The message repeats until the caller hangs up or presses a number to a maximum of 4 times.

We would like to be able to send a Bulk text message to people on our Buyers List. Anyone who is on our buyer’s list who texts “stop” is removed from the Buyers List. We would like to have the ability to manually add and remove people from the Buyer’s List.

Any text message that is sent to any of the Twillo numbers should be forwarded to a mobile phone number. That mobile phone number may be different for each of the twillio numbers and may be changed from time to time.

The text messages and voice messages for each of the twillio phone number swill be different and will need to be changed on a regular basis..

The phone number that people call from, the date of the call the amount of time of the call and whether they chose to be transferred all need to be saved and accessible.

We would like to be able to add additional twillio phone numbers with these capabilities on a periodic basis