Twillio Call Management System - (programming of API)


Job Description

You will be a competent user of the Twilio API & have the ability to manipulate code as per our needs.

You will be capable of quickly developing a simple call management system which will involve programming a purchased twilio number & setting up a number of prerecorded messages for playback to persons who call the twilio number.

You will be able to program an options menu e.g. press one for sales, two for etc..

You will be able to program twilio to try and divert the call to multiple phones simultaneously for answering and set up a recording in the case of no person picking up the phone.

You will also be capable of programming a call logging feature where details of all calls inbound can be logged.

You will be able to quickly and easily edit our system longer term - i.e. provide some sort of support service.

The workflow as we see it is as follows:
Setting up the rails project
Ability to call a twilio number (provided by us) and playing a message
Redirecting to the appropriate department (based on the number pressed) 1,2,3,4
After selection of number - a number of phone numbers will be tried simultaneously or in succession (priority 1,2,3) - then to voicemail.

-If no person picks up the phone, then the message will be recorded
Optionional - but please quote for it seperately - > Based on the selection made by the caller - could the voicemail left be diverted to their email address + stored in a console?
-Call logging (inserting logs, displaying logs on a page with pagination) also required.
The capacity to advise on integration with future ZOHO works e.g. voice client reading into ZOHO CRM would be a advantage.

Skills: management