Twitter Data warehouse - hadoop/nosql/web specialist

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

1. Install hadoop and all requirements into 2 ubuntu virtual machines.
(install one and just duplicate/clone. I have already done installation of jdk/java)

2. Install any nosql (example - mongodb) (as for database)

3. Create a frontend for twitter data parsing.
Something look like this
There will be 2 windows of live twitter parsing and stored to my database.

4. The data will proceed to 2 machine database (master and slave)

5. Documentation of installation process

You will remote my desktop through AAv3.

Assuming the total hours is 2, for 12USD per hour, therefore 24USD. I will give a bonus of 3USD upon completion within or before the 2 hour deadline of deployment.
And another 3USD for proper documentation and with videoshoot screen of deployment.
Total of 30USD.

Skills: twitter