Twitter Project


Job Description


We are looking for someone to work with on a couple of projects, starting with Twitter, Facebook, Google+. What we currently are looking for is someone who can do the following:

I. Twitter Follow influencers in industry niches. Lists are e.g.:
A. Mo 3000 users
B. MoMa 900 users
C. MoAd 200
D. MoWeb 300

II. Subscribe to RSS Feeds on top 30 Influencer’s websites with Google Reader account

III. Follow 30 industry targeted Followers who follow 30 top Influencers

IV. Follow 30 industry targeted Followings who get followed by 30 top Influencers

If you can do this, what would you charge, when could you start and how long would it take to do this? I wouldn’t mind if the job would be stretched out over 3-4 weeks.

Can you do that?

Let me know, Karl

p.s. Put 'TwitterFollow' as the first work of your response, thanks.

Skills: twitter