Typo 3 php Create page script

Typo 3 php Create page script


Job Description

I'm looking for a programmer to develop a php for TYPO 3 Platform

This script should communicate with TYPO 3 API and will allow to add new pages to it by having a small interface of few fields includes:


This script is a kind of tiny alternative interface of standart typo 3 admin interface for creating/editing/deleting content of a website.

- script should be in 1 file!! NOT as an extension...

- After inserting the page to the system, let the user the url of the new page in the site.

- Let the user also see the posts in the site and the option to edit them.

- the username and password will be defined inside the php file

I will provide exact prototype of how the interface should look but generally, for someone who knows Typo3 - it should be an easy task.