U.S. Stock Market Analyst

U.S. Stock Market Analyst


Job Description

Im an independent trader who is looking to build a team of talented financial analysts that can cover one or multiple sectors in the U.S. stock market. I have a good track record trading on fundamental factors, and would like someone who has experience stock picking, long and short in various sectors. CFA designation and ability to go through income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements is a major plus.

I will trade based on your research, and I also will be building a website for people to follow our stock picks. We will use various strategies, day trades, swing trades, and long term views. Eventually if the track record is sustainable, I will approach a hedge fund/asset manager and introduce my team.

At this time Im looking for one or two guys or girls to do this for me. I would like to hear your ideas, again long or short, so tell me what you think? Which stock is going which way? Tell me about a great blog you know about? Tell me about something you read and it makes perfect sense? Did you know facebook was terrible investment, well how so? Would you have told me to short it? I would also love someone who can do macro economic analysis, and tell me which way the general market is heading.

Since I am independent trader, I can not afford to pay high salary, so pay will be based on research or per hour. Please keep in mind if we are successful at what we do, there is potential for sponsorship/high salary from an asset manager or hedge fund.

Currently I work for one of the largest privately held asset managements in the United States. However this trading portfolio has no association to the firm. Its important to keep in mind that a good track record and excellent research is highly valuable and I would be certainly happy to take you with me if the opportunity presents itself.

Keep things brief. Tell me this to begin our conversation.
1. Your experience stock picking
2. 2 stocks long or short you recommend and why?
3. What markets are you most familiar with?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Skills: research, analysis

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